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SubjectRe: Total system lockup with Alt-SysRQ-L
On Mon, 24 Dec 2001, Russell King wrote:

> The problem was definitely in the exit_notify code, where it
> manipulated the task links indefinitely. (I think it was cptr never
> becomes null, so the loop never terminates).
> However, if we're saying that "pid1 must not die" then maybe we should
> get rid of the 'killall' sysrq option since it serves no useful
> purpose, and add a suitable panic in the do_exit path?
> I'll generate a patch for that if there's interest.

What would be even better, and I think there may already be such an
option, would be a one-button "sync up all the disks, forbid any more
writes, save as much state as possbile (registers, memory) to a swap
partition, set a flag for crash dump processing and reboot" capability.

M. Edward Borasky

If God had meant carrots to be eaten cooked, He would have given rabbits

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