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SubjectRe: How to fix false positives on references to discarded text/data?

--On Sunday, 23 December, 2001 8:17 PM +1100 Keith Owens <>

> (5) Post process the objects before ld sees them, remove the dangling
> references in safe sections.
> Will probably mess up timestamps on objects, as well as requiring
> yet another program for kernel build. Cross compiling would be
> "interesting".

1+5) (seeing as you seem to have already written some perl); would it
be possible to run our own perl code to check for whichever dangling
references we are concerned about (and not those we aren't), then do

> (1) Drop the ld check for discarded sections.
> I don't want to lose the ld check, it has already found several
> bits of buggy code. For example, usb_uhci.c calls the exit routine
> from the init code on error, but the exit code has been discarded
> in vmlinux - oops. New binutils flagged that bug and others.

This would seem to have the advantage of better readability of errors

Alex Bligh
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