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    SubjectNew release: Affix-0_9pre7
    Hi all,

    Find new Affix release Affix-0_9pre7 on

    - *pragma pack* changed to __attribute__ ((packed)) everywhere
    tested on Compaq iPAC
    - Added dynamic buffer/credit management in RFCOMM
    - Added support for multiple flags in /etc/bluetooth/services
    added *std* flag. When set connects socket/bty to stdin/stdout
    - Added /etc/bluetooth/serial
    - Fixed RFCOMM_SetType. If set to RFCOMM_BTY, transmission
    disabled on /dev/bty until it will be opened
    - PF_BLUETOOTH changed to PF_AFFIX to prevent mixing with BlueZ
    - Fixed CID allocation. Prevented active CID allocation.
    - SDP: Added functions that convert UUID to a string
    as a protocol, service class, profile descriptor,
    and as an hexadecimal number.
    - Some other minor coding and fixes in the SDP (client side).
    - sdp/drivers: finished and fixed the browse program.
    Creation of two other programs (channels and service)
    and put a README.txt that explains what do they do.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2002!

    br, Dmitri

    Dmitri Kassatkine
    Nokia Research Center / Helsinki
    Mobile: +358 50 4836365

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