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SubjectRe: IDE Harddrive Performance

> /dev/hdc:
> Timing buffered disk reads: 64 MB in 5.63 seconds =3D 11.37 MB/sec

Thats low. I get 25.5 MB/sec from my old Maxtor 96147U8 on a P2L97-DS
(this was Maxtors first 60 gig drive - 8 heads, 15 gig per platter -
yours has 3 heads with 40 gigs per platter. the higher recording density
should make it even faster than mine).

But: This is still more than my IBM DTLA does on that board - which in
itself is perfectly capable of 36 MB/sec when driven with UDMA 100, but
drops to approx. 22 MB/sec when limited to UDMA33. So your drive might
have a similar issue. Its nominal transfer rate is higher than UDMA 33
can deliver, and it wastes bandwidth in adapting to the slower bus.

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