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    This should fix the last loop deadlocks under VM pressure, if not please
    let me know.

    I didn't fixed the ia64 compilation troubles, but it should be very easy
    to fix if anybody needs.


    Only in 2.4.17rc1aa1: 00_loop-deadlock-1

    Merged in mainline.

    Only in 2.4.17rc2aa1: 00_pgt-cache-leak-1

    Avoid potentially leaking pagetables into the per-cpu queues.

    Only in 2.4.17rc2aa1: 00_x86-fast-pte-1

    Reenable the pagetable per-cpu queues on x86 that I found to be
    disabled during 2.4.17pre.

    Only in 2.4.17rc1aa1: 10_vm-20
    Only in 2.4.17rc2aa1: 10_vm-21

    Drop some leftover and rediffed.

    Only in 2.4.17rc1aa1: 60_tux-2.4.16-final-D5.bz2
    Only in 2.4.17rc2aa1: 60_tux-2.4.16-final-D6.bz2

    Latest update from Ingo at .

    Only in 2.4.17rc2aa1: 70_loop-deadlock-2

    Previous fix cured balance_dirty(), this one will cure
    the memory balancing, to avoid reentrant I/O in the loop

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