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SubjectRe: Scheduler ( was: Just a second ) ...
> Well, looking at the issue, the problem is probably not just in the sb
> driver: the soundblaster driver shares the output buffer code with a
> number of other drivers (there's some horrible "dmabuf.c" code in common).

The sb driver is fine

> A number of sound drivers will use the same logic.

Most hardware does

> Quite frankly I don't know the sound infrastructure well enough to make
> any more intelligent suggestions about other decoders or similar to try,
> at this point I just start blathering.

some of the sound stuff uses very short fragments to get accurate
audio/video synchronization. Some apps also do it gratuitously when they
should be using other API's. Its also used sensibly for things like
gnome-meeting where its worth trading CPU for latency because 1K of
buffering starts giving you earth<->moon type conversations

> But yes, I bet you'll also see much less impact of this if you were to
> switch to more modern hardware.

Not really - the app asked for an event every 32 bytes. This is an app not
kernel problem.

> at 2*2 bytes per sample and 44kHz would mean that a 1kB DMA buffer empties
> in less than 1/100th of a second, but at least it should be < 200 irqs/sec
> rather than >400).

With a few exceptions the applications tend to use 4K or larger DMA chunks
anyway. Very few need tiny chunks.


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