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    SubjectRe: 2.5.1-pre11 de2104X tulip driver problem
    "really" <> writes:

    > Just a tulip driver bug report:
    > i'm one of those dinosaurs using a 10base2 network and really
    > old DLink-530 21040 and 21041 based ethercards.
    > This is what a recent kernel version (2.5.1-pre10) working
    > tulip driver prints out when booting up:
    > kernel: tulip0: 21041 Media table, default media 0800 (Autosense).
    > kernel: tulip0: 21041 media #0, 10baseT.
    > kernel: tulip0: 21041 media #4, 10baseT-FDX.
    > kernel: tulip0: 21041 media #1, 10base2.
    > [...]
    > kernel: eth0: Digital DC21041 Tulip rev 17 at 0xe0800f80, 21041 mode, 00:80:C8:3E:D0:BC, IRQ 12.
    > [...]
    > kernel: eth0: No 21041 10baseT link beat, Media switched to AUI.
    > Card still works on my 10base2 network even tho i haven't got
    > an AUI port on the ethercard.
    > ======================================================================
    > This is what the non working 2.5.1-pre11 tulip driver prints out:
    > kernel: de2104x PCI Ethernet driver v0.5.1 (Nov 20, 2001)
    > kernel: de0: SROM-listed ports: TP
    > kernel: eth0: 21041 at 0xe0800f80, 00:80:c8:3e:d0:bc, IRQ 12
    > [...]
    > kernel: eth0: set link 10baseT auto, mode 7ffc0040, sia 10c4,ffffef01,ffffffff,ffff0008
    > kernel: set mode 7ffc0000, set sia ef01,ffff,8
    > ====================================================================

    i have a DEC DE450 (based on 21041 AA chipset). i guess, for
    2104[01], tulip driver has been broken since 2.4.4 (yes, that's over
    six months of brokeness). yes, jeff garzik knows about it. i've
    emailed the list and sourceforge &c.

    rememdies --

    0) buy a new network card.

    1) use the de4x5 driver instead.

    2) use the older tulip driver 0.9.14. download it from

    if you go with 2, just download. have /usr/src/linux be your linux
    source (or a symlink to them). go into tulip-0.9.14/src, make dep,
    make. then copy tulip.o into /lib/modules/2.[45].X/kernel/drivers/net/tulip
    which replaces the kernels one.

    best of luck.

    J o h a n K u l l s t a m
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