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    SubjectAssertion failure wth ext3 on standard Redhat 7.2 kernel

    I have recently upgraded my machine to redhat 7.2 (from redhat 6.2) and I am
    constantly (eg < 1 hour of uptime) getting kernel crashes which I believe
    are relating to ext3. I know I should submit this to redhat's bugzilla, but
    before I do I was hoping someone on the list might want to comment as I am
    sure it is probably something I am doing wrong.

    The machine has previously been rock solid, and the only hardware change I
    have made recently is to add an extra 64M of RAM (Total 128MB). I have run
    memtest86 on it for 10 hours with no errors reported.

    The last error I get is
    Assertion failure in __journal_file_buffer() at transaction.c:1953:
    "jh->b_jlist < 9". I can still switch between consoles, but cannot do much
    else other than press the reset button :(

    The machine is a Pentium233MMX with a 430FX (Trition I) motherboard.

    Please let me know if I can gather any more information to help track this

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