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    SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] vm_swap_full
    Rik van Riel wrote:

    > On Sun, 4 Nov 2001, Ed Tomlinson wrote:
    >> -/* Swap 50% full? Release swapcache more aggressively.. */
    >> -#define vm_swap_full() (nr_swap_pages*2 < total_swap_pages)
    >> +/* Free swap less than inactive pages? Release swapcache more
    >> aggressively.. */ +#define vm_swap_full() (nr_swap_pages <
    >> nr_inactive_pages)
    >> Comments?
    > Makes absolutely no sense for systems which have more
    > swap than RAM, eg. a 64MB system with 200MB of swap.

    My thinking was allong these lines. At a given instant in time the max we
    have that might get swapped out is the inactive list. So if we start
    aggressive swapping when we have less swap than the size of the inactive
    list we should be ok. The premise being that leaving swap mapped can be
    a win for pages swapped in but not changed.

    Ed Tomlinson

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