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    SubjectRe: 2.4.16 freezed up with eepro100 module
    Nathan Poznick wrote:

    > Thus spake Sven Heinicke:
    > >
    > > The 2.4.16 kernel finally makes my clients happy with memory
    > > management. The systems that froz up is a Dell of some sort or other
    > > with two 1Ghz Pentium IIIs and 4G of memory. But, now I seems to be
    > > having ethernet problems. With and eepro100 card:
    > I've encountered the same problem, with the same hardware setup (I
    > believe it's a Dell 2400, or something like that), on 2.4.14+xfs. For
    > me it didn't lock up the entire machine however, it only seemed to
    > kill the network - I was able to reboot the machine cleanly once I got
    > to the console. (message from yesterday with the subject 'failed
    > assertion in tcp.c') I too, am open to suggestions :-)

    Similar experience here - the network connectivity
    would go away, but the machine was still alive.

    Using the e100 driver instead seemed to solve the
    problem on the dell servers here.

    But I didn't have to reboot - just stopped networking,
    unloaded the eepro100 drivers, loaded the e100
    drivers and started networking.



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