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    SubjectRe: IDE: 2.2.19+IDE patches works fine; 2.4.x fails miserably;please help me figure out why!
    Jonathan Kamens wrote:
    > For months now, I've been trying every 2.4.x kernel as it comes out.
    > Every time, I start getting IDE errors shortly after booting into the
    > 2.4.x kernel. My filesystems aren't totally trashed, but lots of the
    > new data being written to the filesystems are trashed and I have to
    > fix a bunch of errors with fsck and recreate those trashed new files
    > after reverting to my 2.2.19 kernel (to which I have applied Andre's
    > IDE patches).

    Would you try 2.4.2 ? Some ide-pci code related with promise were
    changed between 2.4.2 and 2.4.10. I also had a problem in 2.4.10
    with promise.

    But I needed to run 2.4.10, because 2.4.10 support promise 100tx2
    (pdc20268 chip). 2.4.2 dosen't suport promise 100tx2. I had to
    edit ide-pci code. It works with no problem, but I'm not sure
    it is correct. If you want to run >2.4.10, I will send you diffs.

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