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    Note: the "00_read_super-stale-inode-1" fix is under discussion with Al,
    but overall it should be just ok for public consumation (even if that
    are may change if we find any better alternative, at the moment I think
    it is better (cleaner, simpler and faster) alternative than the iput
    changes in function of the MS_ACTIVE info).


    Only in 2.4.15aa1: 00_iput-unmount-corruption-fix-1

    Fix iput umount corruption.

    Only in 2.4.15aa1: 00_read_super-stale-inode-1

    If read_super fails avoid lefting stale inodes queued into
    the superblock.

    Only in 2.4.15pre9aa1: 10_vm-16
    Only in 2.4.15aa1: 10_vm-17

    Dropped a leftover touch_buffer in bread (there's just one in getblk in
    -aa, and we need it in getblk [not only for reiserfs]).

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