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    SubjectRe: Input/output error
    Andreas Dilger wrote:

    > I take it that this is after a normal shutdown where you are sure that
    > the filesystem was unmounted cleanly? It looks like a case where these
    > files are deleted, but held open by a process.

    It's a normal shutdown, every filesystem is unmounted cleanly, no
    complains from the os.

    > Could you please try the following:
    > - "telinit 1" to change into single user mode
    > - make sure all of the above processes are stopped (check via ps, and
    > "/etc/rc.d/init.d/foo stop" for each one
    > - "lsof | grep /var" to see if any files are still open on /var
    > - umount /var
    > - e2fsck -f /dev/hdX

    There are a few processes running: news, something called minilgd.Even
    with these programs running lsof shows no output. If I kill these
    programs and make a normal shutdown, it loocked much better. Only a
    complain about the keyboard lock.

    If I acted exactly like your advise, there is no problem with the restart.

    The processes running in 2.4.15 single user mode are exactly the same as
    in 2.4.14.



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