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    SubjectRe: /proc/stat description for proc.txt
    On Nov 15, 2001  10:29 -0500, Sven Heinicke wrote:
    > +cpu 58903 1 7337 221340
    > +
    > +The individual "cpu" entry is will be the same as "cpu0" if you only
    > +have one CPU on your system. Otherwise the "cpu" entry will be a
    > +total of all the separate CPU stats. The four numbers following "cpu"
    > +entries are: user, nice, system and unused usage (I think unused usage
    > +anyway).

    Units of what? Probably jiffies. Also "unused" is actually better
    described as "idle".

    > +disk_io: (3,0):(21459,9839,195208,11620,184240)
    > +
    > +The "disk_io" shows data for each active disk. The above example only
    > +shows one active disk. The first pair is the major followed by the
    > +disk number entry. The others are `dk_drive', `dk_drive_rio',
    > +`dk_drive_rblk', `dk_drive_wio', `dk_drive_wblk' entries for that
    > +disk. (If I ever figure out what they are i'll describe them
    > +beter. -Sven)

    Looks like (in order):
    - total number of I/O operations on this drive
    - read I/O operations
    - read I/O sectors
    - write I/O operations
    - write I/O sectors

    > +btime 1005238271
    > +Can't figure what "btime" is.

    This appears to be the time in seconds (i.e. unix time = seconds
    since Jan 1, 1970), when the system booted. time(0) - btime will
    give you uptime in seconds, (as should the sum of all the "cpu"
    times / HZ, if you knew what HZ was in userspace).

    Cheers, Andreas
    Andreas Dilger

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