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    SubjectRe: Uniprocessor Compile error: 2.4.15-pre4 (-tr) in kernel.o (cpu_init()) - Works with SMP
    On Wed, Nov 14, 2001 at 07:44:59AM +1100, Ben Ryan wrote:
    > SMP compile succeeded. (albeit with lots of warnings on 'pure')

    Which version of gcc? 2.95? I guess the pure attribute needs to be
    made a compiler.h thing.

    > It seems cpucount is only defined when SMP is compiled in, I guess cpucount
    > hasn't been set to 1 in uniprocessor build, breaking non-smp builds?
    > How can I hardcode that into setup.c? I know little of C, so if someone could
    > point out a line of code to set this (diff even?) :)

    This will fix the link error by moving cpucount into setup.c. Cheers,


    diff -ur tr-2.4.15-pre4/arch/i386/kernel/setup.c tr.prev/arch/i386/kernel/setup.c
    --- tr-2.4.15-pre4/arch/i386/kernel/setup.c Tue Nov 13 16:25:33 2001
    +++ tr.prev/arch/i386/kernel/setup.c Tue Nov 13 15:00:40 2001
    @@ -2807,7 +2807,7 @@

    unsigned long cpu_initialized __initdata = 0;
    -int cpucount;
    +extern int cpucount;

    * cpu_init() initializes state that is per-CPU. Some data is already
    diff -ur tr-2.4.15-pre4/arch/i386/kernel/smpboot.c tr.prev/arch/i386/kernel/smpboot.c
    --- tr-2.4.15-pre4/arch/i386/kernel/smpboot.c Tue Nov 13 16:25:46 2001
    +++ tr.prev/arch/i386/kernel/smpboot.c Tue Nov 13 15:00:40 2001
    @@ -443,7 +443,7 @@

    -extern int cpucount;
    +int cpucount;

    extern int cpu_idle(void);

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