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    SubjectRe: Any lingering Athlon bugs in Kernel 2.4.14?
    On Sat, 10 Nov 2001, Alan Cox wrote:

    > > really think 2.4.13-ac7 has some cool hw bug workarounds? I guess I should
    > > read about what went into -ac7.... Where would be a good place to find
    > > more info?
    > If you want to be predictable about your test set then you can simply pull
    > the VIA Athlon workaround pci quirk form 2.4.13-ac or 2.4.14 and merge it
    > with your base 2.4.2, or 2.4.2-rh whatever tree.
    > In fact you can do it in userspace with setpci if thats politically optimal
    > 8)
    > Alan


    Good idea.. I actually would like to be scientific about it by sticking
    to the kernel that the machines came with, and just trying the VIA Athlon
    workaroung pci quirk on those kernels... that way I can experiment and see
    if it makes much of a difference.

    I suppose this question is stuff I can find elsewhere but: where do I find
    just that patch alone (so that I cen see about adapting it to my redhat
    kernel) and/or how do I do it from userspace ;) (i assume i just have to
    write to some registers or something using some user-space mechanism that
    i am unaware of???).


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