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    SubjectDevelopment Setups
    As a budding kernel hacker looking to cut my teeth, I've become curious about 
    what types of setups people hack the kernel with. I am very interested in
    descriptions of the computers you hack the kernel with and their use patterns.

    I was thinking of starting with a modern machine for developing/compiling on,
    and then older machine(s) for testing. This way I would not risk losing data
    if I oops or somesuch. Alternately, is there a common practice of using lilo
    to create development and testing kernel command lines? Is this a useful
    thing to do or is it too much of brain drain to switch between hacking and
    testing mindsets?

    Instead of having separate machines, there is the possibility of using the
    Usermode port. As I understand it this lags behind the -ac and linus kernels
    so it would be hard to test things like the new VM's. Usermode would not be
    suitable for driver development either. Again, thoughts on this mode of

    Which brings me to the final question. Is there any reason to choose
    architecture A over architecture B for any reason besides arch-specific
    development in the kernel or for device drivers?


    Adam K. Keys
    <> (Remove the HOTARD to email me)
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