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    Subject[PATCH][RFC] Pollable /proc/<pid>/ - avoid SIGCHLD/poll() races

    I've recently run across a problem where a server (in this case, sshd)
    can deadlock itself if a SIGCHLD arrives just before it calls select(),
    but after it has checked whether its child_terminated. So when the
    select() is called, the SIGCHLD signal handler has already run and set
    the child_terminated flag, and there's nothing to wake the select().

    The only real user-space solution to this is to have the SIGCHLD handler
    somehow cause the select() to return immediately by e.g. writing a byte
    to a looped pipe which is included in the select() readfd set, but this
    seems a little contrived. This patch simply adds a proc_base_poll()
    method to make /proc/<pid> pollable, with the following semantics:

    - /proc/<your_pid>/ returns POLLHUP if you have any unreaped zombie

    - /proc/<your_child_pid>/ returns POLLHUP if the specified child is a
    zombie or has been reaped.

    - Any other /proc/<pid>/ directory returns POLLNVAL, as we've no way to
    do a proper poll() on it - only a parent's wait_chldexit wait queue is
    awakened when a process exits, so other processes won't get any kind of

    So by including /proc/self in the readset for select(), you can
    guarantee that select()/poll() will return if you've just received (and
    handled) a SIGCHLD, but not yet reaped the child.

    Alternatively, you could block SIGCHLD and just use select() for both
    your child notifications and your I/O notifications. In this case, it
    becomes a very specialised case of the sigopen() that Dan Kegel
    proposed, but is minimally intrusive (consisting of just a single method
    added to proc_base_operations).

    If do_notify_parent() were changed to wake up tsk->wait_chldexit as well
    as its parent's wait_chldexit, then sensible semantics could be added
    for polling on any /proc/<pid>/ dir - just do a pollwait() on the target
    process' exit_childwait queue. Provided that the target task is properly
    refcounted (which should occur naturally due to the existence of the
    /proc/<pid>/ inode), this should be safe. Would anyone have objections
    to (or enthusiasm for) such a patch?


    --- linux.orig/fs/proc/base.c Fri Jul 20 12:39:56 2001
    +++ linux/fs/proc/base.c Thu Oct 4 00:19:45 2001
    @@ -23,6 +23,8 @@
    #include <linux/init.h>
    #include <linux/file.h>
    #include <linux/string.h>
    +#include <linux/wait.h>
    +#include <linux/poll.h>

    * For hysterical raisins we keep the same inumbers as in the old procfs.
    @@ -643,6 +645,44 @@
    return 1;

    +static unsigned int proc_base_poll(struct file *file, poll_table *wait)
    + struct inode * inode = file->f_dentry->d_inode;
    + struct task_struct *task = inode->u.proc_i.task;
    + int mask = 0;
    + poll_wait(file, &current->wait_chldexit, wait);
    + if(task == current) {
    + /* Check for any zombie children */
    + struct task_struct *p;
    + read_lock(&tasklist_lock);
    + do {
    + for (p = task->p_cptr ; p ; p = p->p_osptr) {
    + if(p->state == TASK_ZOMBIE) {
    + mask = POLLERR;
    + break;
    + }
    + }
    + task = next_thread(task);
    + } while(task != current && !mask);
    + read_unlock(&tasklist_lock);
    + } else if (task->p_pptr == current) {
    + /* Check for specific zombie child */
    + if(task->state == TASK_ZOMBIE)
    + mask = POLLERR;
    + } else {
    + mask = POLLNVAL;
    + }
    + return mask;
    /* building an inode */

    static int task_dumpable(struct task_struct *task)
    @@ -914,6 +954,7 @@
    static struct file_operations proc_base_operations = {
    read: generic_read_dir,
    readdir: proc_base_readdir,
    + poll : proc_base_poll,

    static struct inode_operations proc_base_inode_operations = {
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