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    SubjectRe: Repeatable File Corruption (ECS K7S5A w/SIS735)


    I just love it when you bust my crops, dear ;-)
    How about some init code to resolve the problem?


    On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, Daniela Engert wrote:

    > On Thu, 25 Oct 2001 22:21:47 -0400 (EDT), dan wrote:
    > > It is repeatable and verified on other boards of the same model. This
    > >just started happening when I upgraded the system. The following is a
    > >link to the ECS K7S5A board in question, the SIS735 chipset, and a
    > > hda: ST36421A, ATA DISK drive
    > > hdb: QUANTUM FIREBALLP LM10.2, ATA DISK drive
    > > hdc: IC35L060AVER07-0, ATA DISK drive
    > >The problem only went away when I replaced the motherboard. I also
    > >haven't had any file corruption issues running Windows2000 on the same
    > >hardware with the same files. I moved all of the hardware in the original
    > >system to a new motherboard (ASUS A7A266) and the problem went away.
    > >I have CC'd the IDE chipset maintainer because I can only assume it might
    > >be related.
    > It very likely is. The current Linux SiS IDE driver doesn't initialize
    > the the EIDE controller in the SiS735 (and most likely all other
    > ATA/100 capable members, too) correctly.
    > The SiS735 IDE cycle timing registers have a layout that is different
    > from the older predecessors!
    > >From my experiences, drivers taking this not into account *do* actually
    > work most of the time even if the timing of the layer 0 communication
    > protocol is wrong, but fail mysteriously sometimes. Andre needs to
    > update the SiS5513 code.
    > Ciao,
    > Dani
    > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    > Daniela Engert, systems engineer at MEDAV GmbH
    > Gräfenberger Str. 34, 91080 Uttenreuth, Germany
    > Phone ++49-9131-583-348, Fax ++49-9131-583-11

    Andre Hedrick
    CTO ASL, Inc.
    Linux ATA Development
    ASL, Inc. Tel: (510) 857-0055 x103
    38875 Cherry Street Fax: (510) 857-0010
    Newark, CA 94560 Web:

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