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    Subject2.4.13 - Turtle Beach Tropez+ brings SMP to it's knees

    I just upgraded an SMP box (asus p2b-d / pii-350's) from 2.4.9 to 2.4.13
    and something is really not right. Any time an app tries to access the sound
    driver (via mixer or dsp at least), the system slows to a complete crawl.
    It's unusable until it times out (?). No sound is heard. The card is a
    Turtle Beach Tropez+, ISA PNP (yeah yeah, it worked before so it should work
    now...), sound drivers loaded: "opl3, wavefront, cs44232, uart401, ad1848".
    Gameport device is also being used (I assume this shouldn't affect the sound
    card itself though). I am also loading the wavefront firmware from the
    windows driver - wavefront.os. There were no kernel error messages at all,
    and quite honestly, other than that, the system was very stable for the few
    minutes that I tested.

    Any suggestions?


    George Staikos

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