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SubjectRe: time tells all about kernel VM's
On Wednesday 24 October 2001 14:05, Luigi Genoni wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Oct 2001, safemode wrote:
> > ok. Reran e2defrag and got the same effect.
> > This is the vmstat output by the second. It starts out with my normal
> > load (but no mp3s playing). Then i start e2defrag with the same
> > arguments as before and allow it to run all the way through. It ends but
> > i dont close it until near the very end (which is seen by the swap
> > dropoff. Then i let my normal load again be displayed a bit. One thing
> > i did notice, however, was that the vm handled that quite a lot better
> > than how it handled it after being up for 5 days even though it created
> > the 600MB of buffer.
> If I do remember well e2defrag was working just with ext2 with 1k as block
> size, and latest version compiled with 2.0.12 kernel, (I made also a patch
> to compile with 2.0.X kernels after), then ext2 simply evolved and
> e2defrag did not. (by the way e2defrag sources are really isstructive to
> learn how a blockFS works).

e2defrag defaults to 4k blocks. Version 0.73pjm1 30 Apr 2001

> I used e2defrag since earlier versions, (just with old slow disk, now it
> is almost useless, and I went to journaled FSes). If I do remember well,
> the behavoiur you are telling was usual with 2.0 kernels.
> If the pool is to big, i saw that e2dump shows a lot of inode that left
> their group (sic!), and also there could be some FS corruption.
> e2defrag was writter to use buffer cache, and now VM changed in details
> this behaviour. It could be that what you see is due to those changes?

you say it is the same behavior as 2.0 yet you say that i could be seeing
this problem due to _changes_ in the vm. So the comparison to 2.0 doesn't
really tell us anything since it has nothing to do with what 2.0 was doing.

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