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    SubjectRe: The new X-Kernel !
    On Sunday 21 October 2001 10:33, Jonathan Morton wrote:
    > Probably because they don't know the difference between kernel and
    > user space. Kinda understandable when you come from a Mac or Windows
    > background, where (in the former) there is no distinction or (in the
    > latter) it's so blurred as to make little difference.
    > And if they *do* understand it, from a dispassionate point of view,
    > it does seem to make sense to put graphics drivers in the kernel -
    > they're implemented as "device drivers" in every other desktop OS.
    > Except MacOS X, where's it's an application layer like glibc, but
    > nobody understand OS X yet beyond the hardest of developers.
    We have the AGP, DRM and framebuffer drivers in the kernel anyway. It would
    make sense to do all the autodetection in kernelspace, and let the info be
    available to the X-server. I would love to kill all the hardware specific
    stuff in /etc/XF86Config, especially the keyboard and mouse stuff that
    belongs in or near the kernel.
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