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SubjectRe: [PATCH] updated preempt-kernel
On 20 Oct 2001 at 03:27, Robert Love wrote:
> A preemptible kernel. It lowers your latency.

I'm using 2.4.12-xfs with the preempt-kernel-rml-1 patch. Just this
morning I noticed a minute or so of the system being in "freeze". There
was no significant disk activity, my open windows were working (ICQ,
IPTraf under wterm, Opera), but things like opening a new wterm would work
but no prompt (bash) would come out, or "ps ax" on a system with stay

In the IPTraf window I saw a lot of domain lookups going back and forth.
Since IPTraf does reverse name lookups I quit it to hopefully bring down
the load. I'm running bind 9.1.3. After the freeze everything was 100%
normal. I checked the syslog and found close to a hundred lines one after
the other about named complaining of a lame server.

I am under the impression that it was bind hogging system resources,
although I do not know how to look at historical data of memory usage and
CPU usage for such a small time.

I am curious, what does the preempt patch do for such situations? I
honestly don't know how the system would have felt otherwise (if I didn't
have support for preemption). And it's not so easy to reproduce since I
don't cause this myself.

Thanks for your input, and I'll give your second patch a shot as soon as I
can. :)

--> Jijo

Federico Sevilla III ::
Network Administrator :: The Leather Collection, Inc.
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