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    SubjectWhich is currently the most stable 2.4 kernel?

    I have 2 servers which might need to go unattended for
    several weeks at a time. They are currently running
    vanilla 2.4.10 but my confidence in this (SMP) kernel
    has been shaken when it spontaneously froze solid the
    other day while I was viewing a web-page in Mozilla.
    (And all I was doing was using the scrollbar on an
    already-loaded page! No oops messages, no chance to
    use Alt-SysRq, nothing.)

    All that the servers would be doing would be
    connecting to the Internet periodically using PPPoE
    and DSL (with NAT), forwarding emails and performing
    various CPU-bound tasks. They should both have ample
    available memory and should not need to swap much, if
    at all.

    Does anyone have any kernel recommendations /
    counter-recommendations, please? One server is SMP,
    the other is UP, and both are Intel architecture.


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