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    SubjectAPM, virtual console problem in 2.4.0

    When suspending my laptop (Toshiba Satellite 1605CDS; BIOS set to
    suspend to disk) with Debian 2.2r2's 'apm -s', the screen blanks
    and then the system locks up hard (not even the power button works).
    In 2.2.17, 'apm -s' works properly, first blanking the screen (maybe
    twice), then (apparently) handing off to the BIOS. It looks like
    the handing off isn't reached in 2.4.0; the screen blanks, but
    it never reaches the BIOS's 'Saving to Disk' screen.
    Additionally (included because of the similar symptomology), when
    changing virtual consoles under 2.4.0 and running X (XFree86 3.3.6;
    from Debian 2.2r0), the screen blanks once again, but then the system
    lock up hard, exactly as above.
    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong or what needs to be fixed? If
    I get some time in the next few days, I'll look at the code; but
    school's coming up and I have a lot of work to get done.
    I can supply more information if you need it.

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    line suddenly cried out in terror... and was suddenly silenced."
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