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    On Sun, 7 Jan 2001, Alan Cox wrote:

    > Why. Its bad enough that the networking layer doesnt let you configure out
    > stuff like SACK and the big routing hashes. Please don't make it even worse
    > for the embedded world. 99.9% of Linux boxes probably have less than 5 routing
    > table entries

    Ok. Good point.
    But remember that parsing /proc for an embedded system is also not the
    most healthy thing.

    > > I could almost, but not quite, justify it right now just because "ip"
    > > is becomming standard and needs it.
    > ip is also not the smallest and simplest of binaries. You can fit an ifconfig
    > for ip in about 24K

    ip is also a replacement of many nettools: ifconfig, route, arp config,
    tunneling setup etc. You can also do many funky things with it using
    small scripts (ip dup-address detection is documented).
    Seems like Alexey already has a wrapper "ifcfg" which is a ifconfig
    replacement. It does not format display the same way as ifconfig; however,
    that would only be necessary if some app is dependent on ifconfig output.


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