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    SubjectRe: DHCP Problems with 3com 3c905C Tornado
    Christian Loth wrote:
    > Hello all,

    Hi, Christian.

    > I recently installed a system with the 3c905C
    > NIC on RedHat 6.2. In our network, IP adresses
    > are granted via DHCP, although every host has
    > a fixed IP instead of a dynamic IP pool. The IP
    > is statically coupled with the MAC adresses of
    > our network.

    hmm.. I've heard of this once before. Running
    pump from the RH initscripts?

    > The freshly installed RedHat 6.2 worked nice
    > and flawlessly, and the IP was handed out correctly
    > to the new machine. However after upgrading
    > to the 2.2.16 RedHat Kernel RPMS, the DHCP negotiation
    > no longer worked! Okay, I said, maybe it is a RedHat
    > thing (they included modules both for the 90x and for the 59x
    > cards, and I tried both),

    Did _both_ 3c90x and 3c59x fail, or only 3c59x?

    > so I downloaded 2.2.18 proper.
    > I compiled in the support for the card, but also: same
    > result. The old 2.2.14 RedHat kernel worked, but the
    > newer kernels did not.
    > Unfortunately the machine had to go on the net, so I had
    > to switch the NIC for a DEC Tulip one, which worked flawlessly
    > under 2.2.18 again. Therfore I unfortunately can't volunteer
    > for testing :(, all I can say is that something happened
    > between 2.2.14 and 2.2.16/2.2.18 which made DHCP inoperable
    > for the 3c905C.

    Thanks. I'll try to reproduce this (fat chance :().
    Is there any chance you can set this arrangement up
    again in the future?
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