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SubjectRe: Version 2.4.1 cannot be built.

[Richard B. Johnson]
> Bob Tracy found the problem: the second ':' really needs to be
> escaped even though newer versions of make allow what was written.

> -$(MODINCL)/%.ver: CFLAGS := -I./include $(CFLAGS)
> +$(MODINCL)/%.ver: CFLAGS \:= -I./include $(CFLAGS)

No, that's a workaround in that it subverts the purpose of the line.
(In which case, better to delete the line entirely.) The correct fix
is to upgrade to a version of 'make' that understands the syntax used
there. Yes, the FSF being the FSF, they keep adding features to their
software. And yes, some of us are using some of those features.

It could have been worse. Documentation/Changes lists version 3.77,
from July 1998. We (at least I) actually considered using features
from 3.78, but that was quickly shot down since 3.78 is too new -
September 1999.

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