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SubjectRe: and es1371
> I hope you can help me. I have a problem with my on board soundcard and
> seti. I have a Gigabyte GA-7ZX Creative 5880 sound chip. I use the kernel

This board doesn't by any chance have a VIA KT133 chip set?

> driver es1371 and it works goot. But when I run seti@home I got some noise
> in my sound when I play mp3 and other sound. But it is not every time 10s

I had the same problem with my ASUS A7V and Soundblaster PCI64,
and I know someone who had the same problem with a Gigabyte 7KX.
Only link between us was the chip set and the sound driver (and
the knowledge that it worked flawlessly under Windows and with
other chip sets on slower CPUs).

So all claims linking this to CPU hungry programs or bad onboard
hardware are simply wrong. Which Kernel version do you run? 2.2.17?

All I can tell you is that it is gone now. I wrote a wrapper
script around xmms to stop seti when xmms start and continue seti
when xmms exits. Not very nice but it worked.

Then one day I started mpg123 without stoping seti first. The
problem was gone. What had changed? The kernel version from
2.2.17 to 2.2.18+VM-global. I don't know if it's 2.2.18 or the
VM-global patch the made the problem disappear. I never digged
into this.

Try them, I hope it works for you.


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