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SubjectRE: 2.4.1 -- Unresolved symbols in radio-miropcm20.o
From: "Ruurd A. Reitsma" <>

> >Miles Lane <> wrote:
> >>depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in
> >>/lib/modules/2.4.1/kernel/drivers/media/radio/radio-miropcm20.o
> >>depmod: aci_write_cmd
> >>depmod: aci_indexed_cmd
> >>depmod: aci_write_cmd_d

> appearently Robert Siemer's patch didn't make it to the actual
> kernel. He did change the and made some changes to aci.c
> to support his version of the firmware. He'll probably be happy to
> maintain the driver since I threw out the pcm20 card.

Many thanks, Ruurd, for mailing me, too! - I'm not reading
linux-kernel completely and looked only for 'aci' is subjects...

First, I've put up a new patch, so don't use this old one. Please read
my post to linux-kernel:

Second, the described problem is solved: the functions don't exists
anymore... (:

Third, my patch still has the same problem. <-: As noted, try my
patch only when aci and radio-pcm20 is selected as module.
I will work on this issue.

And I have a request to everyone owning a miroSOUND (or Cardinal
Technologies) card:
Please try my patch and send me the version line. Mine looks like:
<ACI 0x07, id 6d/43 "m/C", (PCM20 radio)> at 0x344

The patch has some enhancements over the original; read more in my
first post:

The plans for the future are a well done support of the RDS functions
for the "PCM20 radio" and maybe an ALSA driver. This would help me to
support the equalizer in the "PCM20 radio" better.

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