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SubjectRe: WOL and 3c59x (3c905c-tx)
Tobias Ringstrom wrote:
> When shutting down my computer with Linux, I cannot wake it up using
> wake-on-LAN, which I can do if I shut it down from WinME or the LILO
> prompt using the power button.
> I see some "interesting" code in 3c59x.c and acpi_set_WOL, and there is
> the following little comment: "AKPM: This kills the 905".
> So, what's up? Does it break all 905s? And will not changing the state
> to D3, as a comment a few lines down says, shut the card down, which seems
> to be a bad thing to do in a function called from vortex_probe1... I know
> this code is currently bypassed, but still, what is this?

The code was broken, so I disabled it.

"fixed" WOL in the 2.2.19-pre candidate driver. It's

I'd really appreciate it if you could test the WOL in
that driver. Then we can port it into 2.4 and try to
fool Linus into thinking it's a bugfix :)

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