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    SubjectBolck Device problem or Compaq Smart array 2 problem? kernel -2.4 .0+

    Here is my scenario. I have a smart array controller 2. I have 6 logical
    drives( one on it's own physical drive). I am using the one drive for data
    aquisition from an atm board. To locate my problem, I removed all of the atm
    stuff. and I am trying just a read/write. Both show the same symptoms. I
    have tried many different kernels.

    Here are my results.

    2.2.18- works fine. 24 MBytes/sec at 100+ gigabytes (16GB looped many times
    ( lseek64(FD,SEEK_SET,0) )).

    2.4.0 release SMP and Uniprocessor with NMI on- Kernel oops. I can reproduce
    if necessary( oops at about 700 MB) sometimes more, sometime less. (In
    BDFLUSH if I recall)

    2.4.0 release UniProcessor NMI off- Works like the 2.2.18

    2.4.1-pre10 & 11- Works but system becomes unusable(requires reboot) after

    Here is my setup.

    Compaq Proliant 8500R
    4GB Ram
    4 Hot Swap 18GB hard disk.
    Compaq Smart Array Controller
    Linksys Network(10/100 BT) card
    8 PIII Xeon w/ 2MB cache Processors.
    redhat 6.2 distribution
    I do have a 512 MB swap partition

    I am including the code that I have been playing with. It looks very ugly,
    but I have tried just about everything I could without going in and trying
    to learn how the kernel is written.

    I am including the source code for the block write device. and the kernel
    configuration from 2.4.1-pre11.
    Has anyone else see this problem.

    I have tried to write a file to on the filesystem. Looks like a similar

    Nathan <<write.cpp>> <<kernel-2.4.1-pre11-config>>

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