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SubjectRe: Linux-2.4.1-pre11

Hi Linus,
Sorry to bother you. I'm trying to find where you uploaded

I was on and and could not find it in the
/pub/linux/kernel/v2.4 or /pub/linux/kernel/v2.4/test-kernels/
directories. Is it somewhere different?

Also, Alan, I grabbed your patch-2.4.0-ac11.gz file from your directory on Does this contain the updated VIA IDE support that Linus
was talking about in the 2.4.1-pre11?

I'm thinking either hasn't posted the 2.4.1-pre11 or I totally
misunderstand the directory layout on

A URL to the right patch or, preferably, full source for 2.4.1-pre11 would
be great.


David D.W. Downey

On Sun, 28 Jan 2001, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> I just uploaded it to, and I expect that I'll do the final
> 2.4.1 tomorrow, before leaving for NY and LinuxWorld. Please test that the
> pre-kernel works for you..
> The main noticeable things in pre11 are fixing some bugs that crept in
> after 2.4.0 - the block device queuing improvements could lose wakeups
> under extreme load by multiple clients, and the vmscanning "get rid of
> special return codes for shared memory" thing had missed a bit.
> This should also fix the VIA IDE driver issues (if you want safe, do NOT
> enable auto-dma), and the reported problems with hpt366 controllers and
> IBM drives. Hopefully these were the last major IDE issues for a while.
> Also, can people who have had unhappy relationships with their eepro100
> please try to cuddle and make up again? The eepro100 changes should fix
> the problem of having posted writes that basically made some of the timing
> not work out.
> Linus
> -----
> pre11:
> - Trond Myklebust: NFS/RPC client SMP fixes
> - rth: alpha pyxis and cabriolet fixes
> - remove broken sys_wait4() declarations
> - disable radeon debugging code
> - VIA IDE driver should not enable autodma unless asked for
> - Andrey Savochkin: eepro100 update. Should fix the resource timing problems.
> - Jeff Garzik: via82cxxx_audio update
> - YMF7xx PCI audio update: get rid of old broken driver, make new
> driver handle legacy control too.
> - fix missed wakeup on block device request list
> - hpt366 controller doesn't play nice with some IBM harddisks
> - remove inode pages from the page cache only after having removed them
> from the page tables.
> - shared memory out-of-swap writepage() fixup (no more magic return)
> pre10:
> - got a few too-new R128 #defines in the Radeon merge. Fix.
> - tulip driver update from Jeff Garzik
> - more cpq and DAC elevator fixes from Jens. Looks good.
> - Petr Vandrovec: nicer ncpfs behaviour
> - Andy Grover: APCI update
> - Cort Dougan: PPC update
> - David Miller: sparc updates
> - David Miller: networking updates
> - Neil Brown: RAID5 fixes
> pre9:
> - cpq array driver elevator fixes
> - merge radeon driver from X CVS tree
> - ispnp cleanups
> - emu10k unlock on error fixes
> - hpfs doesn't allow truncate to larger
> pre8:
> - Don't drop a megabyte off the old-style memory size detection
> - remember to UnlockPage() in ramfs_writepage()
> - 3c59x driver update from Andrew Morton
> - egcs-1.1.2 miscompiles depca: workaround by Andrew Morton
> - dmfe.c module init fix: Andrew Morton
> - dynamic XMM support. Andrea Arkangeli.
> - ReiserFS merge
> - USB hotplug updates/fixes
> - boots on real i386 machines
> - blk-14 from Jens Axboe
> - fix DRM R128/AGP dependency
> - fix n_tty "canon" mode SMP race
> - ISDN fixes
> - ppp UP deadlock attack fix
> - FAT fat_cache SMP race fix
> - VM balancing tuning
> - Locked SHM segment deadlock fix
> - fork() page table copy race fix
> -
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