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    SubjectRe: VM breakdown, 2.4.0 family
    I have Marcelo's patch.  It isn't applicable because I am purposely not enabling any
    swap. The problem is the system gets down to about 7 megs of buffers free and within
    three seconds has become functionally dead. Zero response on any user input/output
    device save the magic key.

    The system will then grind the harddrive solid for about 25-30 minutes then
    everything will go silent.

    The brokenness is that the OOM code never activates.


    Ed Tomlinson wrote:

    > David Ford Wrote:
    > >Since the testN series and up through ac12, I experience total loss of
    > >control when memory is nearly exhausted.
    > >
    > >I start with 256M and eat it up with programs until there is only about
    > >7 megs left, no swap. From that point all user processes stall and the
    > >disk begins to grind nonstop. It will continue to grind for about 25-30
    > >minutes until it goes completely silent. No processes get killed, no VM
    > >messages are emitted.
    > >
    > >The only recourse is the magic key. If I reboot before the disk goes
    > >silent I can cleanly kill X with sysrq-E and restart.
    > >
    > >If I wait until it goes silent, all is lost. I have to sysrq-SUB.
    > You might want to try:
    > or
    > The first patch from Marcelo fixes a problem with aging the wrong pages. The
    > second patch is sort of a 'best of Marcelo' patch. It contains the aging fix
    > and adds conditional bg pte aging (if with activate fast than we age
    > down...). It also has code to trottle swapouts when under preasure - it only
    > swaps out as much as we need now.
    > I have fives days of uptime with it here (on test9 and test10).
    > Feedback Welcome,
    > Ed Tomlinson <>

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