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    SubjectRe: [preview] Latest AMD & VIA IDE drivers with UDMA100 support
    On Thu, 20 Jan 2011 09:51:03 -0800 (PST), you wrote:

    >On Sat, 20 Jan 2001, Alan Chandler wrote:
    >> I'm running with an Abit K7 (uses via82c686a in southbridge) with IBM
    >> deskstar 8.4gb disks (DHEA-38451) as masters in ide0 and 1. They only
    >> do UDMA mode 2. I am not overclocking or anything - all should be
    >> running at default speeds with an Athlon 900.
    >> Just to be clear - I am NOT getting any errors when I switch back to
    >> the 2.2.17 kernel (debian standard) - with a 2.4.0 kernel they occur
    >> every few minutes when there is significant disk activity.
    >But that kernel uses the stock driver that was the original second
    >generation correct?
    >Andre Hedrick
    >Linux ATA Development

    Sorry, I realise now what I said was ambiguous. To be clear

    2.2.17 - absolutely standard as shipped in debian - no errors
    2.4.0 - standard (downloaded tar.bz2) - ERRORS
    2.4.0 - as standard except for three files in tar.bz2 attachment to
    Vojtech Pavlik's mail which were placed in drivers/ide directory -
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