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    SubjectRe: [QUESTION]: Applying patches ontop of patches (2.4.1pre7 to 2.4.1pre8)
    Shawn Starr wrote:
    > What is the best way to apply a patch on top of a patch already applied?
    > For example, with original sources 2.4.0 i applied 2.4.1pre7 but now
    > that pre8 is out, how do i apply those new patches without having to
    > delete the whole linux dir and untar 2.4.0 again just to apply pre8?

    You can unapply -pre7 (patch -R) or make a hard-linked tree to apply the
    pre patches to. Patch will break the hard links on the files it
    modifies, so the second tree hardly takes up any disk space. To make
    the second tree do:

    cp -al linux-2.4.0 linux-2.4.1-pre8


    Brian Gerst
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