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SubjectRe: Linux not adhering to BIOS Drive boot order?

[Michael Meissner]
> Ummm, I just reread the 2.4 Changes file once again just to be sure,
> and it did not cover this issue. So how the *$@% are people supposed
> to "read some docs" to know about this, if the docs don't mention the
> information. I know people have been complaining about this change
> since at least the fall time frame.

SCSI host probe order has never been guaranteed, afaik -- this is not
new to 2.4. If you have multiple host adapters, you really need to use
the command line to say which is which, as always. If you don't, you
will be bitten eventually.

"Eventually" in this case meant 2.2->2.4, perhaps, but that doesn't
make it an item for Documentation/Changes. Or is this not what you
were talking about?

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