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    SubjectRe: ide.2.4.1-p3.01112001.patch

    On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, John Heil wrote:
    > Yes, initially the 686a was problematic, now with an 80 wire cable its
    > fine.
    > One point of clarification... I started out with a simple hdparm -d1
    > which failed 85% of the time. I added the other stuff only to enhance the
    > -d0 state I was left with.

    This sounds like a totally different thing than the DMA corruption - this
    sounds like you just got CRC error messages, and the driver still did the
    right thing?

    The 82c586 corruption seems to be silently just writing (and maybe
    reading) bad data to the disk.

    The case of CRC errors and recivering from them (or fixing them with a
    good cable) is different - when the CRC errors are noticed, they cause the
    command to be re-tried and thus no data corruption should occur.

    Basically it's the difference between being "silently bad" and "noisily
    good". Sounds like you are in the "noisily good" category - a category
    that I don't worry about ;)


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