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    SubjectRe: Strange umount problem in latest 2.4.0 kernels
    > /dev/hdb1: Inode 522901, i_blocks is 64, should be 8. FIXED

    Ok, culprit identified: /var/spool/lpd/lpd.lock

    On another partition I had the same problem with httpd's

    Since both of those seem to be log- and lock-files, maybe
    there's something wrong with file locking?

    Anyway, disabled both lpd and httpd from the startup scripts
    and now the bug is triggered *every* time. I cannot reboot
    a single time without partitions being busy. When neither
    lpd nor httpd run, fsck finds nothing wrong.

    The very strange stuff is umount at reboot:

    umount: none busy - remounted read-only
    umount: /: device is busy
    Remounting root-filesystem read-only
    mount: / is busy


    The "none" bit puzzles me the most. /etc/fstab and /etc/mtab
    look perfectly ok.

    Has anyone got an idea? Everything worked well with 2.4.0 and
    Alan's tree up to -ac4, didn't try ac5, and ac6 is what messes
    up now.

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