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    SubjectRe: What is up with Redhat 7.0?
    > you have of course used kgcc for the compile job ? 2.96 maybe is chewing
    > the kernel source a little bit too well.
    > Did you edit the makefiles to use kgcc instead of gcc ?

    2.2.18pre12 (coming to a kernel archive near you in 2 or 3 minutes) now
    knows about both kgcc and gcc272 (RH and Debian) automatically thanks to

    I will try and get the gcc 2.96 patches folded in before 2.2.18 (that and
    S/390 sorting out are the ones left). Anyone who builds with 2.96 for a
    production system is IMHO a complete loon but for those who want to see how
    it works and stomp on problems it should I hope be possible to play with
    2.96 builds by then [x86 anyway - most non x86 is probably ok]


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