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    SubjectPIDs limited to 15 significant bits

    looking at my process list after a week or so of uptime I discoverd that PIDs
    seem to wrap arround at 32767 (aka. 2^15 - 1).

    I found the relevant code doing this in kernel/fork.c:get_pid() where a mask
    (0xffff8000) is used to limit the PID of a new process to 15 significant bits.
    (I am running 2.4.0-test6 currently)

    I find this "feature" annoying, since I like to view my process list sorted by
    PID, which gives a nice overview about recently started processes vs. age-old

    So, I would like to ask if someone could please explain the reason for this. If
    there is no compelling reason I would like to propose to remove this limit. I
    recall this was not present in 2.2.x

    After all, UIDs have just been changes to 32bits, why limit PIDs?


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