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    SubjectRe: Update Linux 2.4 Status/TODO list
    On 13 Sep 2000, at 22:37, Andre Hedrick wrote:

    > Ted and LT,
    > I think this are the two things you wanted that were located in:
    > /src/tar-files/testing/direct_add/ht6560b.c
    > /src/tar-files/testing/direct_add/qd65xx.c
    > /src/tar-files/testing/direct_add/qd65xx.h
    > First Petr and Samuel, are these good to go into 2.4.0 ??
    I'm sorry, I don't know, I have no time to test these drivers now and
    I have received no help from you regarding test methodology so far,
    so I have even no idea how to test these drivers.

    Everything what I know about IDE VLB chips is at
    and there is also a list of VLB IDE controllers I own. I also own
    several ide drives - old Alps DR-312C, ST3120A, WDC: AC340, AC22100,
    AC33100, AC24300 and other and some ATAPI CD-ROMS. As a test box I
    can use OPTi895 motherboard with 32 MB RAM and AM486DX5-133
    processor, I have also A80486DX-50 processor for testing 50 MHz VLB

    So if anybody give me exact test directions, I'm able to do these
    tests if they will be not too much time consuming. But please no
    "compile the kernel" or "make some copy" advices.

    In fact, I think at first shall be all IDE/ATA/ATAPI drivers tested
    whether they give correct timing on IDE bus according ATA/ATAPI
    specifications and with various load. Then problem drives can be
    tested. But it needs good laboratory equipment.

    Back to a.m. drivers. What about the problem with region stuff? Was
    it rectified already?

    Best Regards,

    Petr Soucek
    Ryston Electronics s.r.o.
    Modranska 621/72
    CZ-143 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic
    tel +420-2-61302222 fax +420-2-61302211
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