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    SubjectRe: PowerPC Linux for AS/400 & RS/6000 Hardware
    Paul Mackerras wrote:

    > I don't think this is actually correct; I believe what Cort said is
    > that he is no longer maintaining the web
    > site.

    That is the way I read it as well. Of course, I have been reading
    things differently than others, lately :-).

    > .... He is away at the moment though.

    I met with Cort for a couple of hours on Tuesday. I thought he was
    going to be back in NM sometime today (Wednesday), and I was hoping he
    would have responded to the messages of confusion by now.

    We discussed how to better manage the kernel source trees, and it was
    pretty clear to me he intended to keep working on this. Like all of
    us, he has other jobs to do, and sometimes he just can't respond as
    quickly as we like. This kind of work has a multiplier effect as it
    moves upstream.

    -- Dan
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