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    SubjectRe: files bigger than 2 GB
    >>>>> Arnaud Installe writes:

    > Hello,
    > I need support for files larger than 2GB. What's the status for that ?
    > AFAIK neither 2.2 nor 2.4-test support that out of the box. Can anyone
    > point me to a good link for patches ? Apart from the kernel, does
    > anything else need changes for large file support ?

    2.4.0test7 has all the LFS (large file support) in it. It will work
    on ext2 - but e.g. not on NFSv2.

    You need a new glibc (no need to recompile your programs). glibc 2.2
    will support the kernel LFS interfaces, a beta quality test release is
    available as glibc 2.1.93 (search the mailing list archives at for the announcement).

    Some distributions, like SuSE 7.0 (RedHat might also, I'm not sure),
    come with a glibc 2.1.3 that has LFS support in it that works with

    Andreas Jaeger
    SuSE Labs
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