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SubjectRe: [PATCH] partial fix for Thinkpads and suspend
Hi Garst,

"Garst R. Reese" <> writes:
> Stephen,
> I sent the attached patch to apm linuxcare that you seem to think has
> already been applied to the kernel. I don't think so. I never sent it to
> Linus or the list, and have not seen it in any test6prex.
> The problem I addressed was that there was a cli() instead of an
> in int suspend(void);
> I've been running with the patch I submitted to fix this problem for
> some time.
> Your solution to do an sti() in APM_DO_CLI seems quite ugly. I grant
> that we do not want to do a cli before suspending, but I could not find
> anybody else doing that, so just not doing is probably sufficient.

I did NOT assume that your patch had been applied (I am the person behind What my patch does is to ensure that interrupts
are explicitly enabled whenever we do a BIOS call (including the BIOS call
to suspend the machine) rather than just assuming that interrupts were
enabled. This does work in my Thinkpad (admittedly a 600E).

I do not think that my patch is ugly and, in fact, implements the
semantics of the CONFIG option even better than before. :-)

Please try my patch ...

Stephen Rothwell, Open Source Researcher, Linuxcare, Inc.
+61-2-62628990 tel, +61-2-62628991 fax,
Linuxcare. Support for the revolution.

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