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SubjectStack traces
I have a thread that appears to be hanging in my kernel module (or 
something called by it) and I want to determine where the problem is
occurring. Unfortunately, printks change the timing of the system, and the
problem no longer occurs.

What I really want is to get a stack trace of the offending thread. I have
used alt-sysrq-t to get some thread information, but it only provides the
thread's saved PC (which isn't in my module, according to its address). Is
there a way to get the thread's call stack? Are there any routines I could
use or is there some documentation/code I could look at?

How do others go about solving such problems? The only debugger I've found
for 2.2.12 kernels that would fit the bill is SGI's kgdb, and there's
obviously a bit of overhead involved in setting up the serial debugger.

Any thoughts or ideas much appreciated.

Oh, if this is not the appropriate place to ask, please let me know.


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