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SubjectRe: 64 bit divide/mod in 2.4.0-test5
In article <>,
Jes Sorensen <> wrote:
>Well you are seeing those because it's deprecated, you should use a
>shift operator instead if in any way possible.

Indeed. Basically, I _know_ that I could include libgcc, but I also do
not believe that people should get code that looks simple but takes
hundreds of cycles to complete.

The fact that 64-bit divisions do not work naturally has actually saved
us a number of times from people just not thinking about what an
expensive operation such a division is - quite often there is a trivial
shift that can do the same thing in two cycles or similar.

There's some special-case code in <asm/div64.h>, which is used mainly
for printk(), but can be used for other stuff too: a 64-by-64 divide is
usually much slower than a 64-by-32 divide which is actually the one
that most people are looking for anyway (but gcc isn't clever enough to
know this). That can be used if you _really_ think you need the divide.
I've yet to see a real reason for it outside the printk() stuff..


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