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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.2.17pre16
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > 2.2.17pre16
    > ...
    > o Add 3c556 support to the 3c59x driver (Andrew Morton)

    Partial support.

    The 3c556 is a 'mini PCI' NIC which is starting to appear as a built-in
    adaptor on, at least:

    Panasonic CF-L1S
    HP OmniBook 6000
    Gateway Solo 9300XL and 2150
    Compaq Armada E700

    Support is partial because the 3c59x.c in kernel 2.2 does not support power
    management. A moderate amount of mangling will be needed to make it do so.

    The workaround is to add something like the following to your power
    management `resume' script:

    ifdown eth0
    rmmod 3c59x
    modprobe 3c59x
    ifup eth0

    The 3c556 is also supported by Donald Becker's driver
    ( Although that driver does support power management,
    it does not yet do so for the 3c556.

    Another variant of this device has been reported. It has a PCI device ID of
    0x6056. It has not yet responded to resuscitation attempts.

    Additional details are on Fred Maciel's page at

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