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    SubjectRE: NTFS-like streams?
    Michael Rothwell wrote:
    > > > myfile
    > > > and
    > > > myfile/resource
    > > >
    > >
    > > hang on, Am I just going mad or does this not seem really sensible
    > - i.e. if we
    > > allow the existence of an entity that is both a file and a
    > directory, it would
    > > be a sane generalisation of both HFS's forks and NTFS's streams...?
    > > Or. alternatively I could be going mad.... ;)
    > You're not going mad. But files w/named streams are not
    > directories. Open a file in vi. Open a directory in vi.
    > The latter is meaningless, right? But if you open a file
    > with streams in vi, it works.

    hmm. What I meant was an entity that has both data and directory information
    attached (I'm not a file system hacker, so this'll be in abstract terms..). lets
    call this entity a dfile for example purposes. say I create a dfile 'rob1'. I
    can open it in vi and edit it as if it was a normal file. I can also do 'vi
    rob1/teststream' and I'll be creating a new file teststream, that's inside rob1.
    If I was going to implement this in a standard unix-filesystem way, I'd have a
    special directory entry, but with the 1st inode (or an inode labelled with a
    'magic character', say 0x07) pointing to the data. then doing 'vi rob1' would
    work as if rob1 was a soft link pointing to the inode with the data.
    Thinking about it, it could be pretty icky - it'd be effectively be like the
    below (if it was possible)

    creat("rob1/\0x07", <whatever> );
    link("rob1/\0x07","rob1"); //would add soft link info to the directory info

    ..not that I'm saying you would implement it on ext2.. but hopefully that
    clarifies what I mean a bit.. hmm...

    Rob Taylor

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