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    SubjectLinux 2.2.17pre16 CPU detection wrong

    I have a system with two Celerons. They have always been detected by
    previous kernels correctly as Celerons with 128kb cache. 2.2.17pre16
    however detects them as Mobile Pentium II's with no cache. Not
    surprisingly, performance now bites.

    It's not a vanilla 2.2.17pre16, I added Andrea Hedrick's latest IDE
    driver (I have a promise card that needs it), NFSv3 support
    (Trond/dhiggen patches), and the following patches from Andrea Arcangeli
    real_lookup-revalidate-1, 4_min_percent-1, stod_lost-ticks-1,
    set_rtc_mss-SMP-race-1, slow-gtod-SMP-race-1.

    As as aside, its also missing Marcelo Tosatti's fix for
    sync_page_buffers() which is quite old and I'm surprised it hasn't been
    added yet. Without this, especially on an SMP system the CPU load goes
    nuts constantly for no apparent reason. I haven't added this to the
    running kernel only because I forgot.


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